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JFE in Canada

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is: colour, size, space and balance applied to typography, image and form, in visual media.

Previous designs:
Total Doctor Solutions GOA Logistics Slogan developed by John Ednie
Regalpony gyrocopters Sarah E. Ednie painter LTS logo
Bertin Stables logo Easy Money Horse Shows Yugo-Tech

A good definition of what a logo should consist of:
At present, a logo has three ways to go:

  1. Based on a letter or initials.
  2. The company name in a styalized fashion.
  3. Based upon a symbol, animal shape, star shape or some other graphic representation which is distinctly unique amongst it's peers.

This is no easy task, but then that's why people hire logo designers, isn't it?.

Visual / Content Designer,
Basic Custom Logo: $395


A logo represents.

A slogan or marketing message gives the details

The "wordmark" is an impressive logo image.

We create slogans.

Logo Upgrading:
You have had a logo for a long time, but it's dated? Get it upgraded to a modern style.






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