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Dust is everywhere. Must be a market for it. Maybe just the right packaging.


"Community" is a good name for those you wish to sell to. They're much more informed about how you do what you do than their parents were. munch, munch, They're more apt to buy if your manufacturing is ecologically friendly and you can prove it. They look beyond the brand name to see if the value is there. They ask around to other buyers who've used your product. Really? Do they? how?It's getting harder to sell twelve cents worth of sliced, baked potatoes for three bucks. Really? The brand isn't going to do it by itself anymore. People need to know what's involved, how and where you do what you do and is the product in the bag really worth it. Really?
where?Does buying your product help or contribute to pollution of the environment? You have to tell them. Blah blah blah and more blah, the fact is graphics alone won't do it. Can anyone deliver twelve cents worth of sliced potatoes, baked and salted to perfection for $2.25 a 375g bag?
munch, munch It really doesn't matter, people will find a way. Maybe stop buying pop. Oops, I didn't say that, did I?




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